Grow Your Manufacturing Business with AI

By incorporating AI into operations, manufacturers can improve their competitive advantage and stay ahead of the curve

Improve efficiency and drive profitability with AI-powered solutions

AI-enabled manufacturing processes can increase productivity by up to 40%, lower costs by up to 50%, and improve quality by up to 70%.

Product Inspection

Drive accuracy and efficiency in product quality control with computer vision.

Safety & Compliance

Leverage computer vision to keep your manufacturing operations safe and secure.

Simplified ERP for MSME

Streamline your supply chain with end-to-end visibility and faster decision making

Analytics & Automation

Run real-time analytics on your manufacturing and accounting operations to streamline operations.

Product Inspection

Computer vision is revolutionizing quality control in manufacturing. Enjoy precision and efficiency in quality assurance with automated, real-time inspections, faster throughput, and improved accuracy. Unlock the potential of computer vision today!

Product Defect Detection

Missing Component Identification

Non-conformance flagging

Part Identification

Safety & Compliance

Computer vision is the way forward for safety in manufacturing. With its powerful imaging capabilities, it helps identify potential hazards and errors before they become a problem. Invest in computer vision and ensure your factory is a safe and efficient workplace.

Worker Safety

Shopfloor Safety

Automated Warnings & Alarms

Monthly Reports for Supervisor

Simplified ERP for MSME

Monitoring and managing the production activities across your distributed network of manufacturers is key to ensuring quality and efficiency. We've designed an intuitive solution that will help dynamically manage everything in real-time.

Distributed Production

Logistics Automation

Decentralized Inventory

Smart Analytics

Analytics & Automation

Analytics can help the manufacturing industry by providing real-time insights into production processes, helping identify bottlenecks, optimize workflows, and minimize machine downtime, ultimately improving overall operational efficiency.

Production Analytics

Accounting Analytics

ChatGPT Dashboards

Report Automation

Process Automation

Choose the Cimplify.AI Advantage

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From Idea to Implementation

We will work closely with your team to understand your requirements, design the workflows and deploy them on the channel(s) of your choice.

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The Cimplify AI Framework

With our proprietary framework, you can scale your manufacturing operations without scaling manpower

Unlock Business Potential with Cimplify.AI

We offer an End-to-End Service Delivery Model that drives collaboration from Ideation, all the way to Implementation.

Cimplify Define Chatbot Requirements
Phase 1


At the beginning of our collaboration, we will analyze your brand’s existing workflows, understand your business goals, and define a precise profile of the requirements.

Cimplify Design Chatbots
Phase 2


Once we freeze the requirements, our AI team will design a prototype of all the proposed solutions.

Cimplify Deploy Chatbots
Phase 3


Once we freeze the prototypes, our engineering team will develop these solutions and deploy them on the channel(s) of your choice.

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