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Use Cimplify.AI’s WhatsApp Marketing Platform to supercharge your marketing, sales, service and support operations.

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Your Complete WhatsApp Marketing Platform

Broadcast Communication

Broadcast notifications, announcements & promotional messages to unlimited users from your brand’s Official WhatsApp Number.

Import & Export Contacts

With our in-built CRM, you can easily import all your contacts, add tags and create segregated audiences.

WhatsApp Commerce

Create your storefront on WhatsApp and enable a seamless end-to-end shopping experience.

AI-Powered Chatbots

Automate your customer communications with advanced AI by connecting your WhatsApp with AI-powered Chatbots.

Multi-Agent Live Chat

Enable Multiple Human Agent Live Chat Support on the same Whatsapp number. In other words, the entire team will have a shared WhatsApp Inbox.

Agent Rules

Simplify chat distribution by assigning tags to agents & have them view only those chats that match the assigned tag.

Re-targeting Campaigns

Segregate your audiences based on campaign insights and re-target them for higher conversions

API Integrations

Integratewith your CRM or business tools and send personalized, automated alerts to customers.

Campaign Analytics

Get real-time insights about your campaigns such as - Open Rates, Click Rates, Response Rates & more.

Choose the Cimplify.AI Advantage

Individual Lead Profile - Startech X Webflow Template

From Idea to Implementation

We will work closely with your team to understand your requirements, design the workflows and deploy them on the channel(s) of your choice.

Advanced Deal Tracking - Startech X Webflow Template

The Cimplify CX Framework

Turn your conversations into conversions, with our game-changing CX Framework.

Drive Business Growth with WhatsApp

Empowering your business with Cimplify.AI's WhatsApp Marketing Platform will drive RoI and deliver a more engaging experience for your customers. Why? Here are 4 reasons why:

2 Bn
WhatsApp Users
21 hrs
Avg Usage / Month
Message Open Rates
Message Click Rates

Unlock Business Potential with Cimplify.AI

We offer an End-to-End Service Delivery Model that drives collaboration from Ideation, all the way to Implementation.

Cimplify Define Chatbot Requirements
Phase 1


At the beginning of our collaboration, we will analyze your brand’s existing customer experience flows, understand your business goals, and define a precise profile of the requirements.

Cimplify Design Chatbots
Phase 2


Once we freeze the requirements, our CX team will design a prototype of all the proposed customer experience workflows.

Cimplify Deploy Chatbots
Phase 3


Once we freeze the workflows, our engineering team will develop these workflows and deploy them on the channel(s) of your choice.

Transform Your Business with Cimplify.AI