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Design AI-powered customer experiences that deliver delight across every single customer touch-point.

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Power-up Your Marketing

Engage prospects and customers across multiple channels with personalized experiences.

Supercharge Your Sales

Scale your sales team without increasing employee headcount.

Streamline Your Support

Provide support to your customers 24 x 7 across multiple channels

Maximize Your RoI with Cimplify's CX Framework

With our CX Framework, you can gain a holistic understanding of your customer experiences, uncover areas of opportunity, automate actions, and drive critical organizational outcomes.

Brand Retention
More Conversions
Cimplify CX Framework

Drive Business Growth with AI

Harness the power of AI to create innovative, customer-centric AI solutions.

Cimplify.AI Chatbot Features

End-to-End Approach

From idea to implementation, our team will work closely with all the key stakeholders to create engaging customer experiences.


Power your conversations with Generative AI models like GPT 4

Workflow Automation

Experience increased efficiency and productivity through interconnected workflows


Design Once. Deploy Everywhere - Web, Mobile & Messenger

NLU Engine

Comprehend human language effortlessly and deliver intuitive interactions

API Integration

Establish integrations with external systems to enhance functionality

Human Assist

Seamless transfer from Bots to Humans whenever required

Cimplify.AI WhatsApp Marketing Platform

Explore Cimplify.AI's  WhatsApp Marketing Platform

Supercharge your customer experience with our platform that automates marketing, sales, service, and support operations. Schedule a call with our experts to learn more.

Unlock Business Potential with Cimplify.AI

We offer an End-to-End Service Delivery Model that drives collaboration from Ideation, all the way to Implementation.

Cimplify Define Chatbot Requirements
Phase 1


At the beginning of our collaboration, we will analyze your brand’s existing customer experience flows, understand your business goals, and define a precise profile of the requirements.

Cimplify Design Chatbots
Phase 2


Once we freeze the requirements, our CX team will design a prototype of all the proposed customer experience workflows.

Cimplify Deploy Chatbots
Phase 3


Once we freeze the workflows, our engineering team will develop these workflows and deploy them on the channel(s) of your choice.

Transform Your Business with Cimplify.AI