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About the Role

As a Zoho Creator developer, your primary responsibility is to design, develop, and maintain custom applications using the Zoho Creator platform based on the client's requirements. This involves understanding the client's business processes, translating them into application requirements, and implementing those requirements using Zoho Creator. You will be collaborating with our Solution architects, UI Strategist and Business SPOCs to gather requirements and transform them.

To ensure success, you should possess extensive knowledge of Zoho Creator based applications and experience in a similar role.


2 - 5+ years

Zoho Creator Developer Responsibilities

  • Design, develop, and maintain custom applications using the Zoho Creator platform
  • Creating and designing the database structure. This includes defining tables, fields, relationships, forms, and reports to ensure efficient data management and retrieval.
  • Workflow Automation - Configuring workflows, triggers, and custom functions to automate tasks and streamline business operations.
  • User Interface Customization - Designing and customising forms, views, dashboards, and reports to improve user experience and data visibility.
  • Integration with Third-party Apps - Integrate Zoho Creator with apps (within and outside Zoho environment) to ensure seamless data flow and synchronisation.
  • Testing and Troubleshooting - Thoroughly testing the developed applications for functionality, performance, and usability is an essential responsibility.
  • Documentation and User Training - Writing documentation, including technical specifications, implementation guides, and user manuals, is crucial to ensure smooth implementation and usage of the developed applications.
  • Continuous Learning - Keeping up with the latest updates and features of Zoho Creator is important to provide clients with the most advanced solutions. As a developer, you should continuously learn and improve your skills to stay updated with the latest industry trends and standards.

Zoho Creator Developer Requirements

  • Strong understanding of database management, web development, and programming concepts
  • Familiarity with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Deluge script (Zoho's custom scripting language) is necessary for creating custom applications and workflows in Zoho Creator.
  • Understanding relational databases, database design, and SQL (Structured Query Language) is essential to efficiently manage data within Zoho Creator applications
  • A developer should have good analytical and problem-solving abilities to identify and resolve issues in applications.
  • Being able to think creatively and design user-friendly interfaces and workflows is crucial to enhance the user experience.
  • Zoho Creator continually introduces new features and improvements. Being open to learning and adapting to new technologies and functionalities is an important characteristic of a Zoho Creator developer.

Location & Commitments

  • Full time role based in our Chennai office (Monday - Friday )
  • Regular onsite client visits for better understanding and collaboration
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